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Picture Perfect

May. 6, 2015—In high school, I always romanticized what college would be like. Now that it's real, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Chin Up

May. 3, 2013—So this is it. Overweight suitcases and hastily stuffed duffel bags line the hallway. Parents scurry around, last minute packing ensues. Someone inevitably loses a something – a room key, a microwave, a Kindle. It’s all quite cacophonic, but a singular bleakness pervades the air. As the freshmen – or should I say the rising...

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A (Not So) Melo Goodbye

Apr. 27, 2013—For most of us, this is our last weekend at Vanderbilt, decidedly one of stressful cramming, overnighters hauled along successive nights of insurmountable worry and an endless supply of our favorite Bongo Java coffee, and the prospect of imminent leaving. I will be following up later this week with some final thoughts on my freshman...

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