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CC: Synesis, Faith and Reason Journal

Jul. 15, 2017—Synesis is Vanderbilt’s journal of Christian thought that seeks to bridge faith and reason. It’s an opportunity for students to explore topics of personal and academic interest in light of both Christian and secular worldviews. Topics have ranged from mental illness to the refugee crisis to chemistry and physics and incorporate students from all walks, ministries, and denominations around campus.

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Faith in Art

Jan. 31, 2014—One of the greatest debates I had with myself when I got in was about how religious this university is, and whether it will be awkward not to be religious on campus. Vanderbilt is a secular university, not affiliated with any religion or denomination. On campus, we have complete freedom to participate in any religious...

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Mar. 27, 2013—Yesterday I was fortunate enough to participate in Breathe--Sigma Phi Lambda's night of prayer and praise. Victory has been invited to perform there since I was a freshman, mostly because we share several members. However, last night's event was so much more extensive than any night of prayer and praise I have ever attended. It was a campus-wide inter-denomination praise event, and I think it really encapsulated the interfaith (or in this case, interdenominational) nature of Vanderbilt's campus...

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Rob Bell

Mar. 15, 2013—Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the first of the Chaplain’s lecture series. Rob Bell was the guest of honor, and his exhortation spoke to the hearts of many people...

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