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‘interdisciplinary learning’

“They Answer I Present”: Why Vanderbilt (Part 3)

Oct. 17, 2019—The question of “Why Vanderbilt” has been on the back of my mind during my years at Vanderbilt. My academic advisor also asked me this question the first time we met. Then, when I was learning Japanese grammar to give reasons—〜ので、~んです、〜から—I made sample sentences that answered the question. More recently, when applying to write for...

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Maymester 2018 Stop 2: Monte Verita

Jun. 12, 2018—Hello again! Before beginning, if you have not yet read my post on our Maymester’s first stop, Geneva, Switzerland, be sure to check that out for more information on what a Maymester is and what brought me to Switzerland. So, to pick up where we left off, I travelled to Monte Verita with my class...

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