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‘how to study for finals’

The Final Final: Finals Week at Vandy!!!

Dec. 22, 2015—During a stay at Washington University at St. Louis for Multicultural Celebration Weekend, I stayed with six sophomores. As I walked around the dorm, one of them told me that her room reflected the state of her mind. During Finals week, she told me, she couldn’t even see her bed under all the clothes, papers, and books. Horrified, I swore that this would never be me.

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Think Positive

Dec. 13, 2015—Finals week in college is an interesting time. For the first time since August, it feels like everything halts. Maybe that’s a weird way of thinking about it, because the amount of studying that is occurring on this campus right now can in no way be described as a “break.” When I say that campus...

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Man-I’ve-Been-Bad-at-Pacing-These-This-Semester Monday, Part 2

Dec. 9, 2013—While I’m gearing up for finals this week (wish me luck!), I’ve also been gearing up for the holidays. The result is my newest masterpiece, “Twas the Week of Vandy Exams."

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The Calm Before the Storm

Apr. 22, 2012—This week is the calm. Next week is the storm.

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‘Tis the season to be…anxious!

Dec. 21, 2009—After a long and hard semester in Vandyland, now is the time that matters most. With finals out of the way, all that is left to do is wait… Wait to see if all of our hard work paid off. During the days leading up to the dreaded “finals week”, something strange happens. Each of...

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