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My First Week Volunteering at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Jun. 25, 2012—Now that I gave you some really cool, fun aspect from my time in Poland, thus far, it’s time to talk about why I am really here. My volunteer position at Auschwitz.

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A Summer Abroad! (Again?!)

May. 4, 2012—The year is slowly coming to a close, friends are saying good byes for the summer (or if graduating, moving on to the next step of their lives!), and people are soon to begin whatever crazy (or not so crazy) plans they have acquired for the summer. In my case, it’s crazy, because I apparently...

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Yom HaShoah – Reach Out

Apr. 23, 2012—This past Thursday, the world celebrated Yom HaShoah, or Day of Holocaust Remembrance. Well, how is this related to Vanderbilt? Well, for one, Vandy has a phenomenal Jewish community on campus, but also, last weekend, I had an interesting opportunity that would not have occurred without the effort to create a connection with one of...

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