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Hoedown Throwdown

Oct. 3, 2012—Last week, my friend Monica asked me, “Hey, do you want to get off campus? Come to Cru Fall Getaway!” Even though I wasn’t a member of Cru, I was excited hop out of the Vandy Bubble for a weekend and had lots of fun with Capture the Flag, a hoedown, and making new friends!

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Sep. 20, 2012—As the intramural season approaches, I prepare for my breakout season in which I become a professional athlete

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All these things that I’ve done…

Sep. 12, 2012—I am back in the swing of things, dear readers, and it is crazy! Though today marks the middle of the 3rd full week of school, I feel like I've been here for way longer. I'm slowly but surely getting into a routine, and fondly remembering all the wonderful things about Vanderbilt (and the not so wonderful thing that is homework).

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