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A Return to Ferguson

Dec. 20, 2014—"I was drawn to do things that were romantic but could also have a rationale to them," Hayden says. "Romantic in the sense that I think it is noble to stand up against an evil, and that we don't get many opportunities in the normal course of life to do anything that's noble at all. But without a purpose or plan or strategy, it would be self-serving or foolish." He pauses, reflects. "To what extent it was a rationalization as opposed to rational is another question. It was probably sometimes a rationalization." - Tom Hayden, anti-war activist

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My Experiences with Ferguson

Dec. 20, 2014—My posts are usually fun and lighthearted; however, this one will be a more serious and addresses an issue very near and dear to me. This semester I got heavily involved with Ferguson and would like to share my experiences as both a student on campus and as a protester.

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Fast Times at McGill High

Dec. 19, 2014—I want to share with y'all the love for my home, the unique McGill House. I shall give example after example of the crazy awesome shenanigans that I have personally experienced throughout the semester. The hope is, if any of y’all resonate with what is written, that you come check out my humble abode!

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