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‘Fall Semester’

Top Three Moments of Fall 2018

Dec. 28, 2018—Without a doubt, this semester has been very busy for me academically and socially. However, those late nights of studying and weeks where I was constantly on the go definitely paid off in the end! After reflecting on my semester, here are my top three favorite moments from the semester (in no particular order, of...

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What's in a Semester?

Sep. 7, 2016—A comprehensive list and description of all my fall semester classes!

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School is Cool. Like, Actually.

Dec. 6, 2014—So I just finished my last class of the semester. I am not an emotional person, but I swear to you, the last meetings of some of my classes made me irrationally sad. Maybe I’m really invested in my classes, or maybe I’m just a nerd, but regardless, I just need to take a moment...

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Checking Boxes

Dec. 16, 2012—As you may or may not have heard, Vanderbilt is in finals mode, the campus a seething mass of caffeinated 20-somethings attempting to re-learn (or simply learn) content from wildly disparate courses. As this drama unfolds around me, threatening to engulf countless students, I will be acting as Inside ‘Dores’ Jim Cantore, reporting live from...

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