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HOD, English, & Chinese: My Academic Interests

Nov. 1, 2020—Hey guys! I’m super excited to say that this is my first post here on Inside ‘Dores, and I hope that I can provide some useful snapshots into my life as a Vanderbilt student going forward. To introduce myself, I’m a sophomore from Bellevue, Washington double majoring in Human and Organizational Development (HOD) and English...

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Something’s Changed: Coming Back to Vandy, January 2016

Mar. 7, 2016—After a changed flight number and an hour-and-a-half delay, I’m finally headed back to Vanderbilt!!! I’m so excited to go back and have a huge salad from the salad bar, or maybe a veggie burger with Tabasco, or maybe even a bowl of rice. Or actually, maybe everything. After all, I have five new flex meals… ;)

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An Hour as an English Major!

Mar. 6, 2016—It’s January 27th, 2016 and I, Sophie Druffner, am mired in work. There’s my Italian film class, the homework for my math class, and the catchup for chemistry I have to do. But there’s also Harmonies for the Elderly, teaching violin at the W.O. Smith School, being Minister of Joy for University Catholic,  and starting...

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Back to School

Jan. 17, 2016—Second semester has officially started!

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What Do You Do With A B.A. In English?

Dec. 6, 2015—What do you do with a B.A. in English? At Vanderbilt, anything.

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