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New Year, New Classes!

Jan. 6, 2017—Although I wish I were a freshman again and had four more years at Vanderbilt, there are some perks to getting older and being closer to the dreaded “G” word (a.k.a graduation!). I always look forward to registering for classes and planning my schedule for the next semester, and being a junior, I got all...

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The Waiting Game

Jul. 19, 2013—The waiting game is my least favorite game. But, sometimes, it is a game I am forced to play. This time around, I am waiting for secondary applications from medical schools. After I receive and submit those, my work will be subject to another round of screening before I hopefully receive invitations to interview. Here, I share with you how I have been passing the time.

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Puppies in the Park

Apr. 5, 2012—There were a ton of really great Greek philanthropy events this weekend including AOPi’s baseball-themed Strike Out Arthritis and AXO’s Volley Against Violence, but one in particular caught my attention.

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