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Fall Festivities!

Nov. 30, 2020—What I love about Nashville is that (prior to this unusual fall semester) you could recognize those open-top party buses bustling with LED lights and cowboy boots from miles away. This city is exciting for that reason—a celebration is always welcome. But even as Nashville’s guidelines loosen up, our university’s shared mission to “Anchor Down,...

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Let Them Eat Cake

Oct. 22, 2013—Yesterday was a great day due to the fact that I got free cake not once, but twice! If I haven't said it enough, I love sugar, so I'm all over the scene when there is free dessert. When I got two emails yesterday telling me that there would be free cake for biomedical engineers and at my sorority, I was really excited and naturally went to both.

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Back in Chicago

May. 2, 2013—I have to say being at home for the first time since early January is slightly strange. I haven’t woken up to an alarm clock in two days, a new record considering I constantly have things to do at Vandy. The first place we went after my mom and my sister picked me up from...

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Phi Lamb Rush!

Sep. 13, 2012—Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the semester-Phi Lamb rush! My entire sorority came together and planned a whole week of fun activities in order to help us recruit new sisters.

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