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‘choosing classes’

Schedule of a Second-Semester Freshman Vandy student (Pre-Med Edition)

Feb. 10, 2020—Hello world! I am so excited to say that this is my first blog post on Inside Dores! To read more about me and what I am excited for in my Vandy career, I have a short bio that tells you about all my plans and other nifty things. To sum things up, I’m currently...

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Medicine, Health & Society Major (MHS)

Oct. 15, 2019—If you’ve done any research on Vanderbilt, you probably know by now that we do not have a public health major. This initially posed a big problem for me because I have always been interested in health, wellness, and the disparities that come with health and medicine. I then discovered the Medicine, Health & Society...

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Thoughts on First Semester (And What Changed)

Feb. 2, 2019—I didn’t think a lot would change in terms of my academic aspirations during my first semester of college. I was a stubborn incoming freshman. In retrospect, that was a dumb mindset. Because a lot did change. I had walked into Vanderbilt as a pre-med student planning to major in anthropology, a subject I’d known...

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Registering for Classes: What you need to know

May. 28, 2018—If you’re anything like I was the summer before my first year, you’re probably super excited to choose your classes for your first semester in college! [Insert wholesome words of encouragement and “the world is your oyster” like phrases here]. Now onto the good stuff! First, I would recommend getting comfortable with YES (Your Enrollment...

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Hindi & Urdu at Vanderbilt

Mar. 2, 2017—This year, Professor Elliott McCarter joined Vanderbilt’s Asian Studies department and brought Hindi and Urdu language to campus. I am an Indian-American who grew up speaking Urdu and Hindi, but I’ve always wanted to advance my skills and learn how to read and write. So, I took advantage of this new opportunity and decided to...

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