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Singing on Campus

Nov. 21, 2017—So, for those of you who don’t know, I am a member of two different music organizations on campus that are a part of the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community (VPAC). Being involved in both of these organizations is extremely fun and worthwhile, and recently, I had to perform with both groups a total of three...

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The Creation is Coming

Apr. 13, 2015—Tomorrow night, we are playing Haydn's "The Creation," and the oratorio orchestra is joining forces with the choir to create a production complete with some bells-and-whistles multimedia.

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Reasons to Return to Vanderbilt

Jan. 3, 2012—After studying abroad, I further fell in love with Poland. I’m not the only one to fall in love with the place, though, as many of my fellow students in my program were also not ready to leave Poland; they were ready to go home and see the people they missed, but not necessarily leave...

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