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‘campus events’

How I Spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Feb. 4, 2019—Monday, January 21st, classes were cancelled to recognize the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Nashville and surrounding colleges hosted several events throughout the city. Vanderbilt kicked off MLK weekend with a variety of events such as teach-ins, gatherings, a trivia night, a march, tours, and several speakers. Students had the opportunity...

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Happiness in Color

Apr. 10, 2016—If you walk across Alumni Lawn at any given time on any given day during the school year, you’ll be able to see two things. The first is me eating at Bamboo Bistro (come say hi. I’m literally there every day). The second is some kind of indication of what cool event is happening on...

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Dance Marathon: For The Kids

Dec. 19, 2014—One incredible thing I’ve gotten involved with this semester is Dance Marathon, an organization that works to plan events and fundraise for Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital. Read about the great service I get to be a part of!

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