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Dance Marathon: For The Kids

Posted by on Friday, December 19, 2014 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Service, Student Life, Student Organizations.

So last year, one of my best friends and I ventured from Commons to the SLC on main campus to experience Dance Marathon. We had been told by upperclassmen that it was a fun event for a good cause that would have good food, music and some cute kids, so obviously we bought tickets and went. But what we found was so much better than all of that that right then we decided to apply to join committees this year.

My friend Sophie and my adventure at DM's Big Event last winter!

I am on the PR/Tech committee now with a bunch of other fabulous DMer’s who all are seeking to raise money and spirits FTK (for the kids.) We get to publicize, photograph and promote our events and mission, and there’s nothing I’d rather do. The Miracle Children and Families I’ve gotten to meet in the last few months have been so inspiring to me as I hear their stories and see the benefits of our hard work and their perseverance. Sharing their stories with the Vanderbilt community and the Nashville community at large is a significant honor, and the willingness of Vandy students to get involved and support these kids has been so impressive.

Anchor Down with Dance Marathon and our Miracle Kids!

One of the best things about all of the service orgs at Vandy is that they strive to make their volunteering or fundraising events so fun. Check out this video and this one of the fun dances that DM puts on for the events, compliments of our Morale committee! If you want to hear more about DM or other service orgs on campus, hit me up with an email or a comment on this, AND if you want to help a girl out and make every day a little better FTK, check out this link.

Dance Marathon’s Big Event 2k15 is on February 7th at 12:00 noon until 1:30AM (Feb. 8th) in the SLC! Come one, come all for some great music, food, people and fun!

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