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Say Geronimo!

Feb. 28, 2016—My journey to intramural soccer...

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4:30am Wake Up Calls, Chasing Boys, and Sisterly Bonding – It must be Derby Days!

Mar. 24, 2011—Every year on Vanderbilt’s campus there is a week where sleep becomes non-existent for sorority girls from the hours of 4:30am on, it is not unusual to see a girl pop out of a bush next to you when you are walking down Alumni Lawn to class, and all that loud music, yeah, it’s coming...

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Melodores News/ Recent performances

Nov. 11, 2010—So I know we promised that the CD would be released on Tuesday, but a couple of copyright hangups have forced us to push the date back until we have cleared everything up. Not to worry – the Melodores debut album “Rain Check” WILL be coming out soon though!! In order to promote our name...

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