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How to Get Exercise Without Setting Foot in the Gym

Oct. 28, 2014—Don’t get me wrong: the Student Rec Center here at Vanderbilt is great. With the swipe of your Commodore Card, you get free access to an indoor track, a basketball court, more treadmills and weight machines than I can count, and even a couple of rooms for racquetball that I’m dying to try out. And...

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Curd Your Enthusiasm at “The Bloomy Rind” (Sorry for the Cheesy Pun)

May. 9, 2014—This guest blog was written by the illustrious Dave Bruns, my peddling partner to "The Bloomy Rind," an artisan cheese shop in East Nashville. We biked a long whey, almost ten miles back and forth, for our midday meal due to our infatuation with cheese. His witty writing is quite gouda, so maybrie you too will become enraptured by his tale of our quest for mouth-watering goodness.

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5 Tips for Using a Bike on Campus

Oct. 6, 2013—When considering biking around campus, I had a lot of questions: Should I bring my own bike, or rent one? If I bring my own, should I bring a mountain bike or road bike? Where will I put it? How will I maintain it? Will I be able to get around without knocking over pedestrians?...

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Aug. 5, 2013—Friends, Food and Fun...

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