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How to Get Exercise Without Setting Foot in the Gym

Oct. 28, 2014—Don’t get me wrong: the Student Rec Center here at Vanderbilt is great. With the swipe of your Commodore Card, you get free access to an indoor track, a basketball court, more treadmills and weight machines than I can count, and even a couple of rooms for racquetball that I’m dying to try out. And...

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This Little Bike of Mine

Jan. 29, 2013—I remember one of the decisions I had to make freshman year was whether or not I wanted a bike. At home I have a fairly nice bike, but my parents didn't want me to bring it to college in case it got stolen. To be honest, the desire to get a bike came mostly out of necessity.

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The Amazing Race: Nashville

Oct. 12, 2012—During my fall break, I took part in something called the "Oyster Race." I had no idea what it was when I agreed to partake but my friends had told me it was going to be fun and it was for a good cause. And so, I signed up and it was quite... an Amazing Race.

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Try a Tri

Jul. 27, 2012—Hello again, summer readers! One of my very last posts on the blog was about my experience running the Rock & Roll Marathon (I ran the half) at the end of spring semester. Coming to you now from Knoxville, TN, I bring you the next of my silly sports adventures – my first triathlon!

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The Case of the Kickstand

Dec. 6, 2011—This Tuesday morning at approximately 5:36, I walked outside into the frigid air to unlock my bike to ride to PT. As I went through the mechanical routine of inputting the combination and removing the bike from its stand, something went horribly awry – my kickstand was missing.

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