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‘best class’

Course Highlight: Digital Imaging

Apr. 4, 2019—While I was considering Vanderbilt, I remember searching through the course catalog online reading through descriptions of classes and looking for classes that I could take simply for enjoyment and interest. I was excited about delving into my major, but I had passions beyond psychology and sociology. I was passionate about art, writing, cooking, and...

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Spring Break: A Hop Across the Pond

Mar. 21, 2017—Vanderbilt’s academic schedule is a bit unique because our Spring Break falls one week earlier than most other schools, college or otherwise. While many students soaked up the sun in iconic beaches, I took a class trip to England!! I say “class trip” because this trip is actually a requirement for a class: Harry Potter...

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My “First Love” at Vandy

Dec. 17, 2014—A class on a subject I never really developed a penchant for. On a topic I was always curious about. With the kind of professor you can go share your life's problems with. Talk about explore. This is why you do it. This is why they tell you to try out different classes in college, particularly at Vanderbilt. Because at such an awesome place, more often than not, you are likely to come across a great class. Like I stumbled onto my "first love" at Vandy - English 102W with Professor William Reid Douglass.

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