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Spring Break: A Hop Across the Pond

Posted by on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 in Academics, General Information, Movies, Peabody College, Spring Break, Student Life.

Vanderbilt’s academic schedule is a bit unique because our Spring Break falls one week earlier than most other schools, college or otherwise. While many students soaked up the sun in iconic beaches, I took a class trip to England!!

I say “class trip” because this trip is actually a requirement for a class: Harry Potter and Children’s Literature, a Peabody class that studies the stories of the Boy Who Lived, Matilda, Narnia, and many other British children’s stories.

That’s right: we were forced to have an amazing Harry Potter themed trip to Oxford and London for Spring Break — all for class credit! The best part is that this class is open to EVERYONE at Vanderbilt (I’m a math major, for crying out loud!). I’m a bit biased because the farthest I’ve been away from the United States was Toronto, Canada, and the times when I’ve had the opportunity to travel were few and far between. Nevertheless, this trip was the HIGHLIGHT of my senior year so far.

For those of you still wondering if Vanderbilt is the place to spend your next few years of education, know that classes with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities exist in many forms here. Here are some of the things I’ve managed to capture while in England.

First stop: Oxford. The view across from our hotel












The old Divinity School at the University of Oxford. Also where Harry practiced dancing


A section of the Roald Dahl Museum


The Tower Bridge in London


Obligatory London phone box


The one and only Big Ben Clock Tower. Online pictures do NOT do this building justice!


King’s Cross Station (yes, it’s an actual station in London)
THE Hogwarts Express train used in the movies!!
Number 4, Privet Drive




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