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An International Thanksgiving

Nov. 27, 2015—Thanksgiving can be a lonely time for international students all around the country. It’s the time of year where we eat take-out while scrolling through our social media accounts looking at the enticing home-cooked meals our American friends are sharing with their families. Fortunately, thanks to my Faculty Head of House Dr. Cone, and his wife Mrs. Cone, I avoided a Thanksgiving spent in solitude.

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Soaking up the Sunshine…

Sep. 16, 2013—Nashville is squeezing every last degree of summer warmth for outdoor recreational purposes. Here's to giggling at the Marx brothers, thanks to Belcourt Theatre's outdoor feature, and chomping on kettle corn with the fairies--and almost choking on it from laughing so hard--at Shakespeare in the Park's production of Midsummer Night's Dream!

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Weekend One

Jun. 13, 2013—Victoria and I (as well as some of our friends) have a goal this summer--to do at least one new thing every single weekend this summer.

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The Belcourt and Samsara

Oct. 17, 2012—Last night, one of my best friends and I made the 10 minute walk from main campus to the Belcourt Theater in Hillsboro Village. The Belcourt is Nashville’s only non-profit movie theater, that features independent films, as well as music performances, theater, and guest lectures in their 2-cinema building. I have been to the Belcourt...

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Trying New Things

Sep. 3, 2012—Adventures in Nashville while pretending to be Hipsters

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