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‘away from home’

Chronicles of Narnia: the Student, the Shift, and the Family

Dec. 24, 2014—Going home for the holidays might not be what you expected it to be. Sure wasn't for me the first time.

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Why You Should Add Vanderbilt to Your College List

Nov. 9, 2014—If you’re currently a high school senior, and you’re anything like me, the list of colleges you’re applying to is still in flux, and probably will be up until the very last day before apps are due. You’ve probably been looking forward to going to college for some time now, and it’s crazy to imagine...

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Thanksgiving Abroad

Dec. 2, 2011—To be honest, Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal for me, as a holiday. Spending time with my family and friends who visit definitely makes it that much more important, and lots of food is delicious. However, I will admit, not being with my family for a holiday which I am guaranteed time with my family...

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