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8 College Essentials That No One Ever Told Me I’d Need

Dec. 2, 2011—There are a few items that I either brought to college as a First-Year or bought as the years went by.  These items have more or less saved my life (and grades and money, etc) since I’ve been here. Allow me to list them!

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A Change From the Norm: Thanksgiving, Monell’s Style!

Nov. 24, 2011—For me, Thanksgivings in the past have consisted of gathering at my Grandmother and Papa’s house in Brentwood, TN and having the typical spread: a bird, stuffing, beans, lots of bread, and lots of pie. However, this year, my grandparents decided to visit my aunt in Tampa, FL and spend Thanksgiving with her. This left...

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A Few Sour Chords on a Thursday Night

Nov. 18, 2011—It’s 2:48 A.M. on the Thursday night (Friday morning?) before Thanksgiving Break. I don’t have class tomorrow, so I am up watching movies and fiddling around on the internet. (This is very precious free-time that I’m not used to having, so my night is fairly aimless.) I’m sitting in my Stapleton double alone (my roommate...

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Goodbye Pre-med, Hello Possibilities!

Nov. 3, 2011—My consistent indecisiveness leads me to a drastic change in my future… and I really couldn’t be happier!

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Vanderbilt University Theatre Hatches The Green Bird

Oct. 6, 2011—Vanderbilt University Theatre’s exciting and quirky fall main stage show introduces a new staff member… and yours truly!

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