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Moving Out!

Posted by on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 in Campus resources, Finals, General Information, Housing.

Vanderbilt offers students two weeks at the end of the second semester to take final exams and move out. This allows for flexibility in move out times so you do not have to stress about finals and moving out at the same time. Also, moving out is much less stressful because everyone is moving out at different times, making elevators and lobbies less crowded and easily accessible.

There are many services to choose from in terms of storage for the summer. Some of the most popular ones are College Truckers and Storage Squad. Both of these services will come to your living space to pick up boxes, store them for the summer, and deliver them back to you in the fall. Making move-out even easier, most dorms offer free carts and dollies to rent during move out.

Additionally, there are many online platforms to sell and buy items from other students for the following year, such as GroupMe and Facebook. If you prefer to donate your items, there are bins around campus where you can donate gently used items.

Because of the organization of Vanderbilt move-out, it is not a stressor for most students during finals, which is key at a difficult school!

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