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A Day in the Life of a Sophomore at Vanderbilt

Posted by on Thursday, March 14, 2019 in College Life, Culture, Extracurriculars, General Information, Nashville, Student Life, Student Organizations.

I’m sure if you are in your college search and application process, you have read many “day in the life” articles by now. However, one of the great things about Vanderbilt is that every student really does have a very different average day. I have yet to meet a student who is not involved in clubs, sports, interesting classes, lives somewhere cool, participates in fun Nashville activities, goes to fun restaurants etc.

The culture of Vandy encourages students to be very active in their everyday lives, rather than maintaining a rigid schedule of class, homework, sleep, repeat. For me, this is what my average weekday looks like!

A Day in My Life at Vanderbilt

  • I have class Monday-Thursday (no Friday woohoo!) and always grab breakfast before class
    • There are many breakfast options on campus but the most convenient to my dorms and classes are either Rand Dining hall, where I create my own smoothie, or Grins Vegetarian Cafe, where I get the quiche of the day with a side of oatmeal. Professors are usually okay with students bringing food to class, which is great for me because I have early classes and can catch a few extra Zs by eating my breakfast in class.
    • My bed in Branscomb Quadrangle dorm where many sophomores live
  • I have class until noon every day except Tuesday when I have a block class from 3:10-5:40. Getting out of class early is awesome because I have the rest of the day to myself. However, getting out late on Tuesdays is definitely worth it because that class is all about virtual reality. We read about the ethics of VR, new VR technology, and get to try it out and create it for ourselves.
    • One of our first assignments in my Virtual Worlds class was to make an avatar for a celebrity
  • For lunch, I usually eat on campus with friends. Most Vandy students have lunch breaks around the same time, which makes meeting up to eat very easy.
  • I try to work out every day, which may seem tough in college but I have yet to meet a Vanderbilt student who is not concerned about his/her health. I think this is great that everyone makes their health a priority because it is often easy to get lost in schoolwork and college fun that you forget about your personal health.
    • I either work out at the Vanderbilt Recreation Center, which is free for all students, or I go to a work out class. Nashville has great exercise classes and some of my favorites include CorePower Yoga, Verticity Cycling Classes, and TITLE Boxing Club. Many exercise facilities have student discounts!
  • Most days, I have some sort of organization meeting, which is common among Vandy students. For example, on Mondays, I go to Pi Beta Phi Sorority Chapter and on Wednesdays, I go to Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity Chapter and Dance Marathon Catering Committee Meetings. For reference, my friends are involved in other great clubs such as Women in Business and Vanderbilt Variations Acapella Group. There are many opportunities to get involved, with or without your close friends, and it is very easy to make friends within organizations.
  • For dinner, I often eat off campus or at Grins Vegetarian Cafe
    • Milk & Honey is one of my favorite off-campus restaurants for dinner!
    • Our appetizers at Milk & Honey for a nice study break!
  • On weeknights, my friends and I usually do work in the lounge area in the lobby of our dorm building. It is typically crowded with others doing work, which makes it much more fun.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursday, some students choose to go out but it is always possible to find people doing work/staying in so there is never pressure to do anything you do not want to do!

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