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A Finals Week Survival Guide

Posted by on Friday, December 7, 2018 in Academics, Finals, Student Life.

It is finally that time of year. The week of the semester that students dread more than any other. Finals week. All of the effort and studying that has been put into the semester culminates in this final week, where we will be pushed to be the best students we can be.

Central Library, arguably the best place to study on campus (credit: Vanderbilt media library)

As I sit here in Central Library taking a well-deserved (at least I think it is) study break, I think of everything I am going to do to stay calm through the next week. So here it is friends, my Finals Week Survival Guide:

  1. Keep a positive attitude- even finals week has positives about it (and you can click here to see some of them)!
  2. Take a few moments to remember to be grateful that I am here at Vanderbilt University, and that I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else.
  3. Look up from the books once in a while to appreciate how beautiful campus is.
Wyatt Lawn, my favorite view on Commons
  1. Indulge yourself. For me, that means eating a Rand cookie (or maybe two). Or it could be making a mug of instant hot chocolate (which takes nearly zero time to make and requires no culinary expertise- two factors that are very important in a college student’s life). Go for a run. Eat dinner with friends. Whatever you can do to stay sane and feel happy will make this week that much easier.
  2. Sleep! It may seem like there is an endless amount of studying and very little time, but the best thing you can do for your brain is sleep. A worn out brain will make studying harder (and less effective) than a well-rested brain. The occasional nap is not a crime.
  3. Get in the holiday spirit! Finals week comes right in the middle of the holiday season, so take a minute to relax by listening to holiday music or having a holiday themed snack.
  4. Most importantly, remember that your grades do not define your worth. A grade is just a grade, and at the end of the day everything will work out the way it is supposed to.


There you have it, everything I am going to (try to) do during the next week. No matter what happens, I know that I am going to get through my first finals week, and emerge from it an official college student. Wishing everyone a good finals week and holiday season!

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