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Thinking Positive

Posted by on Thursday, April 29, 2010 in Academics, Student Life.

Finals week always sounds dreadful.  As classes come to an end, work builds up.  Essays, projects, presentations, exams – the workload is never openly welcomed.  However, there can be a few good things about finals week…

1)   Not having to attend classes on a regular basis. There is a refreshing feeling when you walk out of your last official class for the semester.  A small taste of the freedom to come.

2)   Most libraries (and most buildings on campus) are open 24 hours so if you are on a roll studying in Peabody Library you don’t have to pick up all your study materials and relocate! (this one is a bit nerdy, I know)

3)   Everyone is in this together.  It’s true some people have easier schedules than others, but it’s nice to know to some degree everyone is busy, stressed, and working hard.

4)   Overall, you are in control of your time.  It’s up to you to decide the amount of time you spend studying, eating, socializing, etc.  Besides the actual exams, it’s pretty much a “free” week.

5)   You can arrange your schedule because many classes offer alternate dates.  If you want to pack in all of your finals back to back and get home early, go for it.  But spacing finals throughout the week is usually an option as well.  (If there is no alternate exam offered and you have conflicting finals or too many exams in one day, many professors are understanding and will work with you on rescheduling).

6)   Vanderbilt understands. Sometimes there is free coffee in the libraries, and munchie mart (the best places to pick up snacks) and the Center Smoothie hours are extended.  Ice cream trucks on the Commons with free ice cream and popsicles, late night pizza, more free coffee, and lunch on the lawn with Chick-Fil-A may not directly be associated with finals week but these events help make the week more enjoyable.

While I would never call finals week one of my favorites times of the semester, it is far from unbearable.   A general tip: time management and keeping up with your classes throughout the semester will definitely lighten the workload.

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