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Resources for Health and Wellbeing at Vanderbilt

Posted by on Monday, April 9, 2018 in College Life, General Information, Health, Health Care, Student Life, Student Organizations, Student Organizations.

College is full of wonderful opportunities and activities with which students can get involved. However, during the four years of any undergraduate experience, there will undoubtedly be days when you get sick, are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or simply need to take a break from the bustle of classes and organizations. Luckily, Vanderbilt offers a number of resources for health and wellbeing for students to utilize. I wanted to highlight some of the resources available in this post, though this is by no means a comprehensive list of the ways in which Vanderbilt takes care of its students.


The Student Health Center: If you happen to get sick on campus or need to see a medical professional for any other reason while at Vanderbilt, the Student Health Center has a staff of medical professionals to ensure that students are staying safe and healthy during their time at Vanderbilt.


The Center for Student Wellbeing: This center offers a number of resources to students looking to de-stress, practice mindfulness, or in any way promote positive mental health and wellbeing. They offer activities such as meditation and yoga, as well as providing a space to come and study quietly. Additionally, they have a peer coaching program where students are paired with another Vanderbilt undergraduate to work on navigating campus in a healthy and positive way.


The Recreation and Wellness Center: If you ever need to blow off steam or get your endorphins flowing, this is the place for you. The Rec offers a fully equipped gym, bowling lanes, a rock wall, courts and tracks, and more (including a Smoothie King in the building!). Additionally, if you’re like me and need the extra push to be held accountable for getting a good workout in, they offer group workout classes all throughout the week for free.


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