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So Long, Farewell!

Posted by on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 in College Life, Diversity, Extracurriculars, General Information, Student Life.

Within a two week span, I was “sent off” by three organizations very near and dear to my heart: BCM, Cru, and Masala SACE. It was so odd knowing that it was actually my turn to be sent-off, but it was so encouraging and humbling to be recognized by these three amazing organizations!

For BCM, all the seniors were honored with games and a dinner at the BCM. The food was cooked by the underclassman and was DELICIOUS, and we were each given travel coffee thermoses as a gift! The BCM was the first organization I become involved with freshman year, and the community I’ve gained as a result has been so great. I’ve met some amazing people through it and am emotionally and spiritually challenged and encouraged by nearly every encounter.

For Cru‘s senior send-off, we all went to our head leader’s house. We all ate dinner together and then the staff members shared some very kind words about each of the seniors. Cru is the ministry I really started getting involved with around sophomore year, and it has been so life-giving. From fall retreats, spring break trips, weekly bible studies, and spontaneous hang outs with other Cru students, this organization has really been integral in my growth during my time here at Vanderbilt and is how I came to have some of my most treasured friendships.

A handful of the Cru Seniors. (Photo from Spring Break 2014)

Masala SACE‘s senior send-off was a lunch that was beautifully organized by some of the underclassmen Executive Board members. It consisted of underclassmen sharing speeches/memories about the seniors, seniors giving out words of wisdom or shout-outs to the room, a slide show, and gifts! I got involved with SACE freshman year because I really love my Indian culture and wanted to be involved with a group on campus that embraced the culture and wanted to share it with the rest of campus! I’ve met SO many people though my involvement with SACE, and the memories I have had from the past four Diwali shows and Holi “paint parties” will certainly be part of my most cherished memories at Vanderbilt.

Seniors at SACE Senior Send-Off!

I consider myself very lucky to have gotten to be apart of these and many other great organizations represented on campus. My Vanderbilt experience has been what it is because of the phenomenal things I get to be involved with outside of the classroom!

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