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Guest Blog: Graduating as a Transfer Student

Posted by on Thursday, May 8, 2014 in Academics, College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

This guest blog was written by one of my dearest friends and a fellow senior: Demi Lee Landstedt

With the countdown to graduation down to only a handful of hours, the reality that two years at Vanderbilt have passed is astounding. As a junior transfer student, I have only been able to call Nashville home for four semesters, yet what has transpired within that time is nothing short of remarkable. My time was half of that of my classmates I will be walking next to as I receive my diploma tomorrow, but I would never dare say their Vanderbilt experience exceeded the one I was able to walk. Short it may have been, but all of the memories, experiences, opportunities my moments were flooded with contributed to two years of condensed adventures.

Where Vanderbilt has succeeded stupendously for me is in its strong community. My first days on campus were filled with individuals who were more than willing to stretch out a hand and include this newby–a gesture that never lost momentum. Vandy students really do appreciate each other whether they are close friends, classmates, or even acquaintances and strangers.

I cannot say I do not wish I had been able to begin my college years on the Commons living with my class of 2014. The people I experience on this campus on a daily basis are a constant reminder of the shenanigans and memories that could have been had. But the way my cookie crumbled threw me into the mix a little late, and for that I am still profoundly grateful.

Love these friends of mine.

Vanderbilt is a very unique and special campus. Not only are the grounds breathtaking, Nashville has stolen my heart, and the education is truly top-notch, but the individuals that bring this campus to life, their hearts, brilliant and thoughtful minds, and love for one-another is the richest element of Vanderbilt. Two short years was all Vanderbilt needed to forever make an imprint on my life. I have loved and will continue to cherish Vanderbilt and its community throughout the years to come and I cannot wait to return and anchor down as an alumna!

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