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Mark your calendars, Spring has begun!

Posted by on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in College Life, Health, Nashville, Nature, Spring Break, Student Life, Traditions, Weather.

Every spring semester here at Vandy, there is one day that stands out as undoubtedly the first beautiful day.  That day was yesterday…

Mark your calendars, March 11, Spring has officially started at Vandy!  Although today went back down to a bit of cold weather, the sneak peek of warm weather yesterday assured us that the end of our Spring Break was finally bringing real Spring back to campus.  With the sun shining bright and temperatures staying in the 70s, Vanderbilt students took back the quads with full force.

A sunny day on Alumni Lawn

The beginning of warm weather on campus is always marked by the reappearance of pastel shorts and sundresses that have been packed away since tailgating season ended.  Just walking around campus it’s easy to see how the weather impacts student life with students stopping to talk more often and improvised games of ultimate frisbee emerging on every lawn.  I even saw an English class that decided to take their class discussion out onto Library Lawn! (I didn’t manage a picture, but the below image from Vanderbilt’s Virtual Tour is eerily similar to what I saw.)

A class takes their discussion outside to Library Lawn

As soon as I stepped out of my first class of the day (which ends before 11am) there was already a group of 20 students playing frisbee right outside my classroom building.  And as soon as I was out of classes for the day at 2:30, I rushed back to my room to drop off my books and headed down to Alumni Lawn.  Making the most of the weather, I joined the many other students just laying out on the lawn and soaking up the sun while we could.

(Check out frisbee playing and other images of campus)

For all of my friends who go to school in the Northeast, they’re still going to have a few more weeks of chilly weather before getting to spring.  And that’s definitely a big reason I loved coming to Nashville for college: a much shorter winter!  With the last 6 weeks of my final semester here rolling in, there is nothing better than warm weather to keep me happy and motivated to finish strong!

I’m going to go dig out some shorts from the back of my closet, if you come to campus look for me basking in the sun on Alumni Lawn!

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