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Thanksgiving Happenings

Posted by on Sunday, December 8, 2013 in Academics, Exams, Family, General Information, Thanksgiving Break.

Thanksgiving Break this year was awesome. It was kind of a tease because after a week-long break, we had to come back for a few more days of classes and a week of finals, but I soaked in every moment of free time I could.

Three things I did: eat, sleep, and spend my waking moments with family and dear friends!

I spent the first weekend of break in Columbus, Ohio for an aunt’s surprise birthday party. This served as a mini-family reunion with about 20 relatives from all over. 36 hours later, I arrived home to start the relaxing/do-nothing part of my break. My siblings (INCLUDING MY AWESOME NIECE) came into town, and we spent the whole week simply hanging out, eating, watching movies, and enjoying our time together.

I tried oh so hard to get some work done over break and succeeded on the last day (after everyone had already left). Despite this, my time at home was exactly what I needed to give me the rest and fuel necessary to propel me into finals week. Here I sit with two finals down and two more to come in a few days. Freedom is so close!!

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