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Posted by on Thursday, November 28, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Student Life, Thanksgiving Break.

Like Victoria said, this Thanksgiving is making me a little nostalgic. I’ve had such a great time at Vandy and have so much to be thankful for! In no particular order, here’s what I’m especially thankful for this year:

  • Living with 5 of my best friends in a Towers Suite
    5/6 of the suite before AOII formal

  • One Direction
  • Having both Biology and Organic Chemistry (and their labs!) with Deanna Tiek during our sophomore year cause now she’s my roommate and best friend
    Deanna and me! Don't know what I would do without this girl

  • AOII (fun fact: my Little was just elected the position I had this year and my Big had before me! We’re also all brunettes, Leos, and ESFJ on the Myers-Briggs test)
    The Fam

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Sky High
    So much joy

  • Mac & Cheese
  • Christmas music (check out the Hanson album, you won’t regret it)
  • Vandy Football
    Cheering on our 'Dores

  • And of course, all my friends and family at home! Time for my second piece of pie, happy thanksgiving y’all!

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