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The Anchor

Posted by on Thursday, October 3, 2013 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, General Information.

Last night, as I was at the Munchie getting ready to grab some food and head out to Blair for some late night practicing, I got a text from my house president, Henry. Apparently, there is a big contest for who makes the best Homecoming banner and all the common houses were “battling” to earn the title!

One might ask, where can we make a poster at Vanderbilt? The Anchor!

When I first heard of the anchor, I thought it was some kind of work of art (an anchor) that we can take pictures with to celebrate our Anchor Down cheer.

It turned out, to my surprise, that the anchor is paint heaven! We can just grab a sheet, sit on the floor and paint! All sorts of banners are made there, and all the supplies are already there. All you need is some creativity and some free time.

Having never had arts and crafts in school (don’t ask why) I LOVE to play with paint, so in response to President Henry’s desperate need for help, I rode my bike quickly (but safely) across campus to Rand, and hassled to The Anchor. Boy were they hard at work! Memorial house members had created the out line for a beautiful banner to celebrate homecoming. It was time to paint it!

What colors do we choose, we wondered amongst ourselves. What better colors to use than Black and Gold?

As I was too excited to start painting, it was very difficult to stay inside the lines, which is why I was assigned to the bigger chunks where I could go crazy with paint!

That was the best two hours of my day: paint, homecoming excitement and good company: What else could I ask for?

I cannot begin to express my delight when I was walking back to Memorial today and I saw that glorious banner so proudly displayed!

Go Dores!

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