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Home Again

Posted by on Monday, October 14, 2013 in College Life, Fall Break, Family, General Information.

I know it seems like just yesterday that my parents were in Nashville to visit my sister and me on Parents Weekend. But time flies, and before we knew it, it was fall break and my sister and I were headed to the Miami Beach Sunshine.

The long weekend was filled with lots of R and R. My sister is really cool and social, so usually, when she is home, she is with friends. The best (or worst) part of Vanderbilt fall break is that we are one of the few schools with a fall break. That means uninterrupted family time ALL WEEKEND LONG. We spent our mornings around the breakfast table (my mom makes a killer egg white fritata) and our afternoons by the pool.

After four years away at school, I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own city. My parents took us to Lincoln Road, which is frequented by locals and tourists alike, for dinner on Saturday night. I love sightseeing and window shopping in the local boutiques, but nothing beats an outdoor dinner on a beautiful fall night.

My sister and I even did a little homework by the pool on Sunday. I read Don Quixote for my Honors Seminar, which I had the opportunity to take through the College Scholars Program. My sister, who is still adjusting to the college workload, got ahead on some psychology reading. I was pretty impressed by our productivity.

Of course, Sunday night came and back to Nashville we went. It is always nice to get back into the swing of things and I cannot wait to see what the second half of my last fall semester (eek!) has in store.

He was so happy to have the whole family home!

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