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Posted by on Friday, September 13, 2013 in Alumni, General Information, Nashville.

It might seem like I’m talking about being a senior a lot, but that’s because it’s pretty awesome.

For example, the Student Alumni Board organized an event yesterday with free cups, t-shirts, cupcakes, and even Chick-fil-a! It was supposed to be on “Almost” Alumni Lawn (just because I like being a senior does NOT mean I’m ready to be an alumna) but there was some crazy rain so it was moved to the newly renovated Alumni Hall (Erica has all the deets). There was also a band I’d never heard of but as soon as they started playing ’90s covers, I instantly loved them.

The coolest/weirdest part of Seniorfest was looking around the room and a) recognizing so many people and b) realizing that it’s our last year at Vandy. Now I’m not going to get all sentimental yet cause it’s September, but it was kind of a wake up call to see the “Senior Year Bucket List” and note how many I still want to do. Eating at Loveless, visiting the Bluebird Cafe, and even watching the stars from the roof of MRB III are all rites of passage. Nashville is such a great city and I want to take advantage of that before I leave. My mission for the year (besides getting into medical school) is to completing as many tasks from that bucket list as possible!

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