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Five Things to do Before Leaving Home

Posted by on Monday, August 19, 2013 in College Life, Family, Food, General Information, International Student, Summer.

This is one of the fun things I did with my family this summer--see Once in NYC! :)

Since we are all heading back to Vandy this upcoming week, I wanted to write about the five main things I wanted to do before starting this semester.

1)     Spend time with my family. Being an international student, sometimes it is really hard to be away from my family for several months.  As such, right before I leave I make sure I spend the majority of my time with my parents and sister.

2)     Pack. Since I’m pretty nomadic, I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the course of the summer.  It is quite an ordeal to load it all up in the car once more and head down South.  That being said, the drive down to school is one of my favorites.  I especially love the homey feeling I get upon seeing the Nashville skyline for the first time in months.

Here's a picture of the beautiful skyline :)

3)     Eat more than my stomach can fit. I do love the food options here at Vandy, but they don’t beat good old home-cooked food.  So, I make sure to stock up on it before heading back and having to fend for myself once more.

4)     Finish up leisure activities. During the school year, I participate in so many clubs and have a lot of schoolwork to do.  As such, I do not have a lot of time to read and watch TV.  The summer is when I catch up on all of my favorite shows and works of fiction.  As I head back to school, I try to finish off whatever book or series I am currently working on, otherwise I know it’ll take me months to reach the conclusion! :)

5)     Tie up loose ends. Summer jobs, internships, and such all require a certain amount of work and emotion in order to close that chapter of your life.  Because the opportunities are so varied and wonderful, it is hard to see them end.  I felt this way about leaving Geneva and my summer internship there, finishing my family vacation, concluding my visits with friends, and more.

Thanks for listening to my top five things to do before leaving home.  Click here to read about the top five things I’m looking forward to doing once I return to Vandy.

…Until next time! :)

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