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Boston Strong

Posted by on Monday, June 17, 2013 in Family, Food, Nashville, Summer, Weather.

The (I’m sure) much anticipated Part 2 of May adventures is finally here, and it consists of a week of Boston fun!

Boston is a beautiful city I have visited and blogged about before. Last time though, I took more of a tourist approach and went sight-seeing. This time I just took on the role of a Bostonian, and it was awesome. Here are 3 major take-home points:

1. Food carts are part of everyday life.

If you’re out during lunch time and looking for a quick, inexpensive, yummy bite to eat, you have to wait in line behind a bunch of people in suits and work attire to get your hands on food cart grub, but it’s totally worth it! After getting our food cart fix, my sister, Ancey, and I joined a couple hundred people also indulging in the lunchtime happiness in Copley Square.

Food carts are also pretty popular in Nashville too, so I was quickly reminded of Vandy life when I saw them :) It never takes long to make those connections.

2. On Wednesdays, you go to the MFA.

MFA fun!

Okay, maybe not every Wednesday. But on Wednesdays, the Museum of Fine Arts is free with a donation of any amount, so Ancey and I roamed around for an hour or 2 in the beautiful and LARGE museum and just soaked in the culture and history.

I really love culturally enriching opportunities like this. I may not always be 100% in tune with what I’m seeing, but you’ll be hard pressed to find me not wanting to go to check out an exhibit just for the experience.

Obviously living in a culturally diverse city like Nashville has its fair share of artsy outlets, like the Frist! (which is conveniently free for students on certain days!) So, yet again, another Nashville reminder.

3. On nice days, make time to take the long way to your destination.

I lucked out with phenomenal weather for most of my week there, so whether we were just walking around downtown, visiting friends, going shopping, or grabbing a bite to eat, we most always detoured through the Boston Common or some of the other beautiful, green areas of Boston. I think that’s one thing that sets Boston apart for me from other larger cities: It’s got a lot of scenically beautiful areas in the heart of the city.

As you all know, Boston was hit with a pretty significant tragedy not too long ago. Of course, signs of the sadness were evident with the memorial set up in Copley Square, but it was also evident that city was coming back in all its busy, beautiful Boston glory.

Boston Strong :)

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