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Registration Woes

Posted by on Monday, April 15, 2013 in Academics, General Information.

I can’t really complain about registration since I’m a rising senior, and we get the best registration days.  I can, however, complain about the fact that I am a rising senior, and last week I registered for classes for the second-to-last time.  And I panicked about classes for the second-to-last time.  I feel old.

Two weeks ago, I met with my major advisor to talk about what classes I’d take next semester, and she left me with this: “take two more MHS classes, finish your Cognitive Studies core, and then you’ll need five more classes to get enough hours to graduate.  Think Arts & Sciences, not African drumming.”  Walking out of her office with this somewhat overwhelming instruction, my brain hurt with the effort of figuring out how to take all of the classes that I still want to take and still graduate. Because I pandered around class-wise my first three semesters at Vanderbilt since I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, a lot of the classes that I took during the beginning of my time at Vanderbilt were random and didn’t count for many requirements (not that I regret taking any of them at all, because I don’t!) so I have to stay within my primary school (The College of Arts and Sciences) in order to get enough hours to graduate on time next spring.

My schedule. It's kind of ugly--but at least I like all of the classes I'll be taking!

Despite the need for A&S classes, I managed to find five classes that I am so excited to take! I’ll save descriptions of them for the fall, when I’m actually taking them all and can give better descriptions and tell you how I’m liking them.  Waking up at eight am last Tuesday to sign up for classes was a bittersweet moment that I can only fuzzily remember (I am not a morning person), but I am excited for next year and all of the experiences it will bring.

Senior year, here I come! (But first…finals…)

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