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Dizzy Bat, Part 3

Posted by on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 in Greek Life, Service.

As you should all know by now, Caitlyn and I are pros at Dizzy Bat…and by that I mean we’re great at coaching other people and then laughing when Caitlyn tries (and fails) once a year.

Dizzy Bat is one of the awesome baseball-themed games at AOII‘s annual spring philanthropy Strike Out Arthritis. Teams of 5 have to put their heads on a baseball bat and spin around it ten times, then run around baseball bases as fast as possible. During our freshman year, Caitlyn and I randomly volunteered to run that station, because we thought it’d be easy to explain to the teams and funny to watch. We somehow underestimated just how hilarious it is to see fraternity brothers, ASB site leaders, and VSG presidents fall over while trying to run around the bases.

My favorite part of the day however, was when Caitlyn tried (and I just happened to take a video on my phone) and she fell into the nearby bushes after one step, and never even made it around the bases. Since then, Caitlyn has vowed to try it once a year, and I’m happy to say she still falls that easily (though now she makes it around the bases).


In my defense, I have inner ear troubles, hence the falling over so easily. ANYWAY. This year, Eileen and I were so excited for dizzy bat that we emailed the sister in charge of the philanthropy event three days beforehand to stake our claim at our favorite event.  Strike Out Arthritis is hands down my favorite AOII event each year, made more so by the dizzy bat shenanigans that always ensue.  You’d be surprised at some of the absurd wipeouts we’ve seen as teams run around the bases.  Once in a while though, a team impresses us and seems to be immune to the dizzying effects of spinning around in a circle ten times. (How they manage it, I do not know.)

This year, Strike Out Arthritis raised more for the Arthritis Foundation, AOII’s national philanthropy, than we ever have before, with teams participating in three other events besides dizzy bat–pitching accuracy, bozo buckets, and home run derby. (Although I’m pretty sure dizzy bat is the best. But I’m biased.)  Every year at the event, I’m so happy that I randomly volunteered to run the event during that first Strike Out Arthritis–I’ve gotten a great friend and three years of hilarious memories out of it!


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