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Recruitment 2013

Posted by on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 in General Information, Greek Life, Student Life.

These past two weekends I spent at sororities for spring recruitment. I rushed as a sophomore, which is not common, but not unheard of. Coming into college, I didn’t know that much about sororities, as none of my family was greek. After watching lots of my friends join sororities last year and have wonderful experiences, I decided that I wanted to rush as well!

There are four rounds for spring recruitment. I actually had to come back to Vandy a weekend earlier than usual, as recruitment starts the Saturday before classes. The first round was display round, in which girls visit all ten houses. On Sunday was philanthropy round in which girls could go to a maximum of seven houses and learn about each house’s philanthropy. Girls also got to make a craft at each house (don’t worry, they were not hard at all) that went toward their philanthropy.

A week of classes passed and then entertainment round was on Friday night. Girls put on their classy dresses and could visit up to five houses. I loved this round because each house put on a skit with singing and dancing that was really fun to watch. They also provided us with some delicious drinks ranging from root beer floats to smoothies! The following night was preference round, in which girls in their lovely cocktail dresses visited a maximum of three houses. This night was much more serious, but it was really cool to hear stories of why these girls loved their sorority and the girls in it. It definitely made me glad that I had decided to rush. Plus, each house had yummy cake!

As the rounds went on, they got longer and I got to talk to more girls. The first weekend I wasn’t very stressed and I just enjoyed getting to talk to so many different people. But by pref night, I was having such a hard time choosing which ones I liked best-I liked them all! Bid day was on Sunday and I was so excited to find out which sorority I was in! They had us sit on our bid day cards while all the Gamma Chis were revealed, and then we got to open them! I was so stoked to see that I was a new member of Alpha Chi Omega!

Then, we got t-shirts, took pictures, and got on a bus that took us to Dave & Buster’s where the rest of AXO was waiting. It was so much fun getting to meet all my new sisters while we got to eat and play in the arcade. Afterwards we went back to the house to hang out and take more pictures. Overall, I couldn’t be happier that I decided to rush and that I’m an Alpha Chi!

My pledge class!

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