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Homeward Bound!

Posted by on Friday, November 16, 2012 in Athletics, Family, Food, Football, General Information, Student Life, Thanksgiving Break.

It is, in fact, time for Thanksgiving Break, which is a week long for Vanderbilt! You read correctly. 1 week. So pumped.

I am actually slightly bummed about leaving today because my Commodores are taking on the UT Volunteers tomorrow in the game of the season. You guys should know by now that normally I would be against the rails in front of the student section cheering my head off, but I must go home to be part of a wedding of two really great friends, Richard and Theresa–a worthy trade-off, in my opinion.

A break is definitely needed at this point in the semester, and it serves as a good rejuvenation period before finals roll around. So, how do I plan on utilizing this new found time?

1. Eat. That’s not just referring to the Thanksgiving feast next Thursday. I’m talking about the “Welcome Home” food my mom has made for my sister and I. Ah, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!

2. Family time. My brother and sister-in-law will be moving to Delaware next week, so this will be a truly cherished family gathering with the gang all together before we all go different directions until the next holiday. Also, my cousins (the same ones who came to spend the day with my sister and I in Boston) will be coming down for Thanksgiving! So beyond excited to be in a full house. It’s probably one of my favorite things.

3. Friend reunions. Many of my friends from back home are either in Chattanooga during the year or will be returning for the holidays. Either way, I haven’t seen them in months, so I can’t wait to see them!

4. Sleep. Yea. That’s going to be nice.

5. Homework. I do, unfortunately, have some projects that I need to devote some time to this week to lessen the blow of the last days before finals.

Here’s hoping this check-list gets completed. We’ll find out soon! And by soon, I mean 1 week. Because I get a whole week off. 7 days. Yessssss.

In other news, last Saturday my Commodores became bowl-eligible when they had an amazing comeback win against Ole Miss!! 27-26. Alice (pictured below) and I were literally screaming with glee for 4 solid minutes.

We're going to a BOWL GAME!!! Get it??

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