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Baahston Part 2 (better late than never)

Posted by on Friday, November 16, 2012 in Fall Break, Family, General Information.

A few posts ago, I gave you the low down on my Fall Break adventures in Boston. However, I only divulged half the story. So as promised, here’s the other half. Please just consider this as fashionably late.

So, Part 2 encompasses my second day in Boston when my cousin and her family from Long Island, NY joined us for a day of Massachusetts fun. We began our day by grabbing breakfast at a local restaurant in the city and driving through the city a bit. We then ventured out of the city for the majority of the day, starting off in Ipswich, MA. Because it was another flawless, sunny, 70-degree weather day, we seized the opportunity to go to Russell Orchards!

The youngest of the bunch with her first pick of the day :)

We had a blast picking apples and just hanging out together on the beautiful property. After that, we embraced our inner Bostonian and headed to beautiful Rockport, MA where were partook in the freshest seafood I have ever had.

The view was amazing. AMAZING, I tell ya.

Afterwards, we headed back to the city where changed and had dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant downtown, and then we had to call it a night because my stay in Boston was coming to a close, unfortunately. My flight out of Boston was at 5am, so I essentially took a 3 hour power nap in between getting back to my sister’s place to pack and leaving for the airport.

I flew straight into Nashville, so Vanderbilt adventures ensued soon thereafter. So by the end of Fall Break, I was just as sleep deprived (actually…probably more sleep deprived) as I was when I left, but I had a phenomenal time with my sister and cousins exploring the wonderful city of Baahston. The benefits definitely exceeded the costs with this one. :)

It's always a good time with these munchkins around
I love these three a whole lot

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