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Baahston: Part 1

Posted by on Saturday, October 13, 2012 in Athletics, Fall Break, Family, Food.

I’m 1 week out from Fall Break, and I’m really not quite sure what the proper turnaround time is for a blog post from the time the event actually happened, but this was too fun of a trip for me not to share with the world, so please prepare for awesomeness.

As my title says, Boston (must be pronounced as “Baahston”) was the destination of my fall break getaway to visit my sister, Ancey. As I mentioned in my last post, I did spend a night at home before I flew out, and that literally was a night of me stuffing my face with my mom’s cooking. No judgement, please. But the following morning, I headed to Atlanta at 4am to catch my flight!

Upon arrival, I took a (free) shuttle to the South Station, which is the transportation hub in South Boston. I guess you could say it’s the Grand Central Station of Boston. I say that because our reunion after I got off the shuttle was one of those hollywood-esque “I see you through the bustle of people and run to greet you, leaving my bag as I get closer because my belongings don’t matter anymore because that’s how excited I am to see you” experiences. It was great. Thursday was pretty low key after that–just dinner, some walking, and then sleeping.

Friday, however, was a day FILLED with absorbing the city of Boston. [Please check out the gallery for visual aids!] We began our day by going to her main campus and to visit the Boston University Bridge. Now you may be wondering, “Why in the world was that bridge on your list of things to visit whilst in Boston?” Well, that’s because I learned a few months ago (when preparing for Ancey’s going-away party, not just for funzies) that the BU Bridge is the one spot in America where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train traveling over a boat. I know. Awesome.

Then we did the tourist thing and took a trolley tour around Boston, complete with a harbor cruise tour. We had lunch in North End, which is the Little Italy of Boston, and walked around to see many of the historical sites, as well as some of the more contemporary sites, like TD Garden for the NBA fan in me (disclaimer: I am NOT a Celtics fan. I just love the NBA that much.) And this all happened in sunny, mid-70 degree weather. This is in no way enough time in the great city of Boston, but it could not have been any better.

There is SO much left I want to see and do in Baahston–for instance, perfect my Bostonian accent. Anc and I have already begun our to-do list for the next visit. (As if this was just a one time thing. Psh)

Stay tuned for Part 2–a day outside of the city!

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