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The Shining. Gasps.

Posted by on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 in Books, Movies, Student Life, Summer.

The Shining by Stephen King. AH. Stephen King certainly doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for a book that draws you in with a whirlwind of emotions. The book covers the experiences of a family of three as they take care of a hotel way up in the mountains during its off season. Why the book review, you may ask? Well, this is what fellow blogger Caitlyn Durning and I put on our Summer Reading list, as inspired by our favorite TV show, Friends (Season 3 Episode 13) =)

Caitlyn and I basically formed a 2-person book club, had “Skype” meetings–where we discussed the book for a few minutes and spent the remainder of time catching up on life or watching movies/shows together–and texted our epiphanies to one another. All with a three-hour time difference, no less!

Now I know what you’re thinking: Is this how Vanderbilt kids have fun during their summer break? They choose books to read together?!

However, this is honestly more about our love for “Friends” than anything else. During the year, it’s our default show to watch when we have some down time, and we find it relevant enough to life to quote in everyday conversations. Real talk.

The inspiration comes from an episode where reading The Shining is highlighted between two of the six main characters, and it seemed like an interesting read! Since Caitlyn and I both enjoy reading–and obviously had some down time to read for fun rather than classes–we decided to capitalize on the situation and do it together!

Also, now we can justify wanting to scare ourselves silly by watching the movie upon our reunion at Vandy :)

Looks like a riveting movie. Gulp.

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