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Study Group = Lifesaver

Posted by on Monday, January 30, 2012 in Academics, College Life.

I have pretty much spent the last three days studying (super fun weekend) and I think I would have lost my sanity if it weren’t for my amazing study group. We call it that but it is really a few of my close friends who have braved the Organic Chemistry and Biology combo with me.

We started consistently meeting last semester before our first Orgo test, when we realized that the professor posted old tests online, but not the keys. Working through the tests together helped immensely because sometimes science textbooks can confuse me with their complicated wording, but a smart friend can simplify the concept for me.

This semester, we started synthesis problems in Orgo, which basically involve 3 or more reactions in a single problem. Needless to say, they can be a little overwhelming. After a grueling few hours working the problems in the book, our study group finally got a feel for them, and they don’t scare me quite as much, haha.

While most of the study group is also taking Biology, one of my friends took it last year, and has been able to help us with old tests and give us the inside scoop. It’s also nice to just talk through a concept with others to make sure you understand it.

Lastly, my favorite part about study group is that it sets a definite time for me to study. If I’m just chilling in my room, I can easily get distracted and not get a lot of work done. But if I travel to Baseball Glove and grab a room with my friends, they hold me accountable for my work and I get twice as much studying done.

Vanderbilt has so many resources to help struggling students, but one of those that I think people can forget about is their peers. If it weren’t for my smart friends, I think I’d still be struggling with Grignard reagents.

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