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Baseball Glove Lounge

Posted by on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in Academics, Studying.

For the past week or so, the Baseball Glove Lounge has become my second home. I’ve always been good at studying in my own room but during the day I like to stay on main campus so I’m closer to my other friends and have more food options. Baseball glove lounge has become my perfect home base (…get it? Sorry I’m hyped up on coffee) during the day because it’s located right by Rand and Last Drop Coffee Shop, and has super comfy couches (I obviously have my priorities straight). It’s always very quiet but whispering, eating, and napping are all allowed.

The atmosphere in the baseball glove lounge is just the right amount of study and comfort (there’s even a fireplace to make it cozy). Sometimes, I feel too pressured or restricted at a library and the intense vibe freaks me out. Here, I can get a good amount of work done and then put my feet up and watch an episode of 30 Rock.

Since I’ve been coming here so much recently, I’ve come to think of myself as a regular. It’s pretty funny because the same seven or so people come here everyday and we all recognize each other now. One of the other regulars is my big, who I literally ran into 4 times yesterday, and 3 times the day before that (when it’s normally an accomplishment to see her once a day). Another is a guy in my Bio class who I had never talked to before but is joining our study group tomorrow.

No matter what I’m studying, I know the baseball glove lounge will provide a comfortable environment, and that I’ll recognize at least one person there.

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