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Summer’s End

Posted by on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 in College Life, Student Life, Summer.

It’s been a while,and as the reality sinks in that I’ll be moving into my dorm at Vanderbilt in one week, I feel an update on my summer is necessary. Since you’ve ideally read about my summer’s start, I can now share a little more about what I’ve done and learned this summer.

Working with Revolution Prep through the Ivy Insiders summer management program has been quite the experience. At the beginning of the summer, I was a little skeptical about my ability to start-up and run an SAT and ACT prep business, but I think looking back on my summer I’ve been quite successful!

I’ve learned a lot about marketing and how certain strategies are way more effective than others. I’ve learned about determining what works best for a specific area and demographic. I’ve improved my teaching, and I’ve experienced how rewarding it is to work with students to help improve their SAT and ACT scores.

I wasn’t alone in this experience– there are many branch managers like myself throughout the state of Florida and all over the nation who share advice with one another. During business training, I met a fellow Vanderbilt student who also was going to be working in my hometown of Naples, FL. Though Scott DeVoe and I ran separate branches, we were able to work together on brainstorming how to best advertise to the students and parents of Naples, and we even secured a press release which helped us reach a ton of students!

This job has been an awesome learning experience and I’ve learned skills that will definitely aid me in whatever my future career ends up being. Essentially being able to choose my own hours has also allowed me to relax and enjoy summer as well, so in retrospect, I’d say it was a summer well spent!

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