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Growing Up Is Weird

Posted by on Saturday, August 13, 2011 in General Information, Student Life.

Strange, strange things happen at college. Everyone has their stories of “that one time when…,” most of which are probably way cooler than mine. The strangest thing that happens at college, however, can’t be told in a single story (unless you’re 80, then you can probably do it). It’s much too slow and insidious for that. Some call it… growing up.

“Why the sudden realization that you’re growing up, Nathan?” some might ask. Well, reader, it’s because in the past week, I’ve had three people (FOUR NOW) ask me for serious advice on how to get into a tough college like Vanderbilt, how to choose a school, which majors to pick, and other questions that most upperclassmen in high school should be considering. The problem here is that I am 18 years old, and having people base decisions that could affect their entire lives (where to go to school? Really?? I am so unqualified for that.) on my advice is scary. I feel like I just got to Vanderbilt yesterday, and being home for the summer didn’t feel like being an adult staying with my parents. Instead, it felt like what I really still think of it as – going back home to my family! How, then, am I supposed to give advice on what to do for college and beyond when I’ve hardly started to live out the rewards and consequences of my own choice?

Peter Pan.
This is me, never growing up.

There’s certainly no magical age at which a college student becomes a “grown-up” (is there?), though if any day were to signify that transition, I suppose it would be graduation. For now, I’ll stick with that theory – I’ve got three whole years before I have to be a grown-up, right? Or longer, maybe… some adults don’t seem like grown-ups to me.

Growing up is weird.
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