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Major Changes. Literally.

Posted by on Thursday, September 9, 2010 in Academics, College Life, Economics.

A week ago I met with my new academic advisor for the first time. This summer I changed my major, officially transferring from the College of Arts & Science into the Peabody School. (Vanderbilt has four schools, including the Blair School of Music and School of Engineering).

As a first year student I entered Vanderbilt undecided.  I took a variety of courses in all different departments.  The classes I took were great – I just couldn’t envision myself in any of the actual majors.  The second semester of my sophomore year I hesitantly declared myself an Economics Major.

However, that same semester I was taking, and really enjoying, two Human and Organizational Development classes.  I realized I was very capable of completing my Econ major but I wanted to study something I was excited about, something I felt more passionate about.

I sent in my Intra-University Transfer Application to become an HOD major.  Once my application was accepted I was assigned an advisor.  Last week I walked into his office unsure about current classes and new major but left more confident than ever.

My advisor was great.  Instead of the twenty-minute meetings I had experienced with my pre-major advisor, I stayed over an hour.

After discussing my plans for the remaining three semesters, we had an actual conversation. We talked about the HOD major in general.  The professors I’ve encountered and the faculty I will have the chance to encounter. The differences between my experiences in CAS and Peabody.  The history of the Peabody school.  My advisors background, and how he reached his career decision.

The entire conversation was as reassuring as it was interesting.  I knew when I left the meeting that I had made the right decision in transferring – and that was the most refreshing feeling.

I will still minor in CAS, in Managerial Studies on the Corporate Strategy track.  Vanderbilt’s flexibility in majoring and minoring between schools has been such a perk.  The faculty have been helpful.  So helpful, that my friends at other universities find it hard to believe that the actual process of transferring was so quick and stress free.

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